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SHOW RACISM THE RED CARD” and “SUPERNATURAL INC” have partnered together in creating an online freestyle Hip Hop/Rap competition to continue the fight against racism.

SHOW RACISM THE RED CARD is an international (United Kingdom) social organization that has been dedicated to fighting racism for the past several decades throughout the globe, SRTRC’s activism and actions have made powerful strides in areas of sports, educational institutions, governments and communities globally.

In addition to “Hip Hop Against”, SUPERNATURAL INC as a multimedia platform has produced and will release a music project titled “THE RED CARD MUSIC PROJECT: Volume 1”, The project features the Video Single “The Red Card” (by The Revolt – Featuring “HaStyle”) which has made a huge impact and is currently available on al digital retail platforms.

Chief Executive of Show Racism The Red Card, Ged Grebby has stated the following:

“Show Racism the Red Card recognizes that we are living in unprecedented times with the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic. At a time when racism is on the rise throughout the world, this pandemic has the potential to play on people’s fears. The President of the most powerful nation in the world Donald Trump is already calling the pandemic the “Chinese disease” and we have seen a rise of racism towards Chinese people through the world.

In our recent collaboration with Supernatural INC we have partnered to harness the power of music to bring people together and combat racism.”

Janol MECCA Holmes, President of Supernatural INC:

“You would imagine at such a crucial time that we as a people would globally come together, unfortunately that’s not the case. Globally, it’s every country and culture for themselves .  It’s not the actual virus that’s concerning, but the reaction and the lack of strategic unity on a cure and how it should be confronted”. 


Submit a creative 1 – 2 minute anti racism rap/freestyle video at the following below during April 2020

Follow and Tag us with your submissions on Twitter:

@srtrc_england and @supernaturalinc     

and via Instagram: 

@showracismtheredcard and @supernatural_inc

or via email at:

Prizes include signed Football Merchandise and Clothing from Supernatural INC and MECCA USA.

Here’s am example of a received submission:

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