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The SpitSlamRecord Label Merges Spitdigital Recordings and SLAMjamz, Subs

APRIL 2018 is the launchpad emergence of SpitSlam Records which is a gathering of Spitdigital Recordings ,SLAMjamz Records and the collective of sub imprints ,associated labels and catalogs.

SLAMjamz was established in 1996 under SONY and ran independently after 1999 being one of the first internet record companies also releasing CDs Vinyl and Video up to 2012. In 2012 Spitdigital records and distribution was created and the 2 labels released through the RCS music system.

Today the 2 labels coexist both together and autonomously individual where Janol ‘Mecca’ Holmes assumes the President position of the SLAMjamz label . The SpitSlam label is autonomously run by David SNYDER and Chuck D -Think Electra Asylum in the 1970s . Spitdigital has become more of Archive level and will distribute subsidiaries like Freedome and INST and associated labels like Odad Truth, Blocsonic , Boombapkings and others through the Nugrooves distribution program

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