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NEW YORKMarch 10, 2021 – “International Multimedia Platform – Supernatural INC ( and Educational Support Company – Grade Success ( present “The Evolvolution Initiative.” The Evolvolution Initiative offers a creative and innovative approach towards learning, which will allow individuals to confidently navigate within a culturally diverse and increasingly complex world.”

The Evolvolution team consists of experienced educators who deliver meaningful and creative course curriculums to students globally. The EI curriculum empowers individuals to thrive in today’s society which is beset with unforeseeable challenges that can be daunting. The initiative has several curriculums that focus on problem-solving and critical thinking to guide individuals towards a promising future.

“Yes, multicultural education is important, but in the face of the hateful violence being visited on so many of our students and communities, it is simply not enough,” Wayne Au writes in an article published in Multicultural Perspectives in 2017.

Company founders, Janol Mecca Holmes and Marc Hoberman recognize that negative experiences in a learning environment can manifest in problematic situations at work and at home.

The approach and learning experiences that are provided address the need for innovation within education. Diversity, cultural exchange, awareness, appreciation and respect can be learned and used as a tool of evolution and success within an ever-changing society.

The Evolvolution Initiative continues to partner with educators, schools, parents, teachers, corporations, and organizations who have a genuine stake and interest in our future as a global society. The two have created a program where academic education and character education are connected.

“We meet people at their reality, and that resonates with all participants throughout the world,” said Hoberman. Holmes added that, “Throughout our international work with people from the United Kingdom to the United States and beyond, we utilize education as a tool to revolutionize the globe.”

The Evolvolution Initiative means evolving, focusing and adapting to positive changes in teaching and learning.

About the Founders:

Marc Hoberman is a renowned educator, author, motivational speaker and trainer. Marc has extensive experience as an educator within the New York City Public School system as a part of his 30-year legacy.

Janol Mecca Holmes is a Culturalist, Executive Producer and C.E.O. with proven and successful experience within the industries of entertainment, corporate business and education.

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