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He’s Quite “HaStyle”….

Hip Hop Artist “HaStyle” will be making his SLAM Worldwide music and video debut this summer (2018), armed with True School Lyricism and amazing Hip Hop tracks from noted producers “Joe City” and “The Revolt”.

Hailing from and Residing in (Flushing) Queens, NY, HaStyle is a unique yet innovative artist, making it a point to express himself creatively from multiple platforms, via the Microphone, Paint Brush and Spray Can. Both lyrically and visually,

HaStyle creates images and lyrical content that promotes conversation and self-reflection which are both entertaining, thought provoking and at times controversial. HaStyle is a Renaissance Artist of Hip Hop, staying true to its culture via delivering lyricism, actual substance and relevant content with production that’s deadly. HaStyle is just as nice visually with a paint brush and spray can.

Stay tuned for more on HaStyle’s upcoming releases

as well as his artwork via Instagram @Hastyle_Rhymes and Twitter @HaStyleRhymes.

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