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The world as a whole is feeling the negative impact of the Coronavirus, from businesses, schools being closed to shelter in place laws being enforced. New York State serves as an epicenter thats been impacted within North America. We had the opportunity to catch up with Hip Hop Artist Jophlo and DJ King James NYC to see how they’re coping through it all.

King James, What’s going on in your world?

DJ KING JAMES NYC: Pretty much the same as everyone at this particular time, Trying to Survive, Stay Alive and Keeping Positive in this Untimely Crisis.

Jophlo, how have you been?

Jophlo: I’m maintaining by looking beyond the current situation, having absolute faith that we’ll overcome these trying times. I believe firmly that successfully managing our thoughts and minds by focusing on positive things is a critical component of everyone’s survival and well being.

How has COVID- 19 effected you directly?

Jophlo: One, it’s altered my behavior significantly and I’ve been much more mindful of my actions.


Jophlo: I’ve made it a point to not be out publicly more than once a week and I’ve become so much more aware of my surroundings. Secondly, it’s alarming to me to see how many people are reacting to it across social media, in which I make it point to limit my time spent on it. As a parent, I’ve had many discussions with my daughter on how persuasive Social Media can be, now more than ever. So I make it a point to be careful, for both of our sakes.

DJ KING JAMES NYC: Right now As a DJ and Promoter who was constantly working, I’m now Crushed. This has effected my entire means of living financially.

How have you adjusted?

DJ KING JAMES NYC: I’m still adjusting actually. I pretty much had control of my own destiny prior to this with a steady stream of capital with me as a working DJ at special events, clubs and shows. The current situation now gives us time to work on ourselves, creative projects in addition to reflecting, as well as to prepare. As optimistic as a person I am, I can’t really foresee the world going back to normal anytime soon. Get ready for the New World Order. It’s basically here. I’m not even sure about the future of music as an industry.

What Projects have you been working on?

DJ KING JAMES NYC: Finishing up some material for Jophlo. Working on an instrumental album with some features, a Biggie remix project which is 85% completed. An Upstate Allstars Album and writing R&B music for artist Nyasia Chane’l, LaLa and Queen Zenobia. I’m also polishing up 2 major movie scripts I have written over the years. The time is now.

What have you been doing while in quarantine?

Jophlo: From a creative standpoint, I’ve used these series of events as inspiration from writing material. Especially since it has such a tremendous impact globally. I believe we need more substance on an artistic level. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes adversity is the best catalyst to spark one’s creative insight.

So should the world expect new music?

Jophlo: As of lately, I just put the finishing touches on 6 tracks DJ KING JAMES (NYC) has provided and I’m excited to begin the recording process. I also maybe involved in providing lessons in Hip Hop History to students in Greenwhich, CT once things return to a “newer normal”.

What should we expect from DJ KING JAMES NYC next?

DJ KING JAMES NYC: All of the above mentioned with a tall glass of success!! Hard work. Regardless of how this plays out, I’ll always remain on my grind. The Hunger Never Stops!!

Anything else you would like to share in regards to the state of the world and Covid-19?

Jophlo: Though we may not have complete control over good or bad events that take place in our lives externally, we can most certainly take control of own thoughts, actions and take control of our destiny as a whole. We will survive this as a people.

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