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Music artist “HaStyle”. The video was directed by Creative Artist “Yolande Hunter-Johnson” and filmed by Harold St. Louis.  The video stays true to the overall “Neo Hip-Hop” movement that both HaStyle and SLAM World Music are bringing forth in today’s state of music. HaStyle pays tribute by channeling the style and look of legendary Hip Hop artist “LL Cool J” and “MC Shan” and goes further to film the video in “Queensbridge”(Queens, NY), capturing the exact location shots of the classic video “Left Me Lonely” and LL Cool J’s “Loungin”.

The initial video and single debut of “ICY HOT” took place internationally in Scotland at The Glasgow School of Art among the students and staff during its Winter School Session.  200 Students from around the world (Scotland, Japan, China, Poland, France, United States, Kenya and Germany) were in attendance, as it was presented by SLAM Worldwide President Janol Mecca Holmes, who also serves as Executive Producer of the Video and Project.

HaStyle will be featured along the side of label mates “Jophlow and DJ King James”, “Dainie Jane” , “DJ Papi Blaze”, “THE REVOLT” and legendary Hip Hop Producer “EASY MO BEE” in the live event series “SLAM LIVE & DIRECT” which will debut in both London and Scotland late March 2019.

 Check out the entire video here:

Check out the footage of SLAM Live & Direct here:

Check out “ICY HOT” and the entire “Universal Fear” project here at Spotify:

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