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MEDIA ASSASSINS is a new Entertaining and Revolutionary podcast from the combined forces of NikiMarie (of NikiMarie Radio) and Janol “MECCA” Holmes. NikiMarie is an accomplished and successful host of an existing relationship themed Podcast (“NikiMarie Radio”). Janol “MECCA” Holmes is a Culturalist, Business Executive (Supernatural INC) and Creative Force. Together they have united to deliver a show that covers Entertainment, Politics, Culture, News and Relevant Issues, which is very essential during current times. MEDIA ASSASSINS will also feature Celebrities and Special Guest from all walks of life. MEDIA ASSASSINS is currently featured on Enemy Radio which serves as the official streaming platform of Public Enemy (via Live 365) in addition to Spotify, Anchor and Google Podcast. You can also subscribe to the Media Assassins Youtube Channel to watch new episodes here:

Check out Episode One (March 7, 2020):

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