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Professor Griff’s latest project “Inner G Code” presents hard hitting relevant content in reference to today’s social climate. Professor Griff is not only an activist, lecturer and author, but also a proven artist, writer and producer of music. Professor Griff not only has song writing and production credits with Public Enemy (of which he’s recently earned a Grammy Award in 2020), but has produced music for himself, other artist which includes a recent project from his wife Sole.

The self-produced “Inner G Code” not only delivers content that “woke” heads are craving, but offers an introspective of who Professor Griff is. Songs such as “Baptize” addresses the irony, divisiveness and hypocrisy of religion and the negative impact it has on people. “Bleed”(featuring up and coming artist “Leya Marie”) serves as a modern day hip hop version of “Sign O’ The Times”, in which it addresses the anger and outrage of the modern day lynching of Black People. “Etheric Rebel” (featuring “Sole”) displays the creative energy between the two in addition to Sole’s spiritual and musical evolution. “Now the End Begins” offers Griff’s perspective on his initial departure from Public Enemy, in addition is serves as an unofficial modern day remake for “Shut’em Down”. “Tortured” offers intimate light on Professor Griff’s personal growth and journey as a man and of his consciousness. Take note that the 1st single “Behind Enemy Minds” was actually featured in the movie “Get Shorty, then followed by “God Damn”. “inForMation” comes off with an intergalactic meets apocalyptic hip hop sound that summarizes the mission and purpose of the entire project. “Fuc’t” (featuring Ohene Savant) is a powerful Hip Hop song that showcases the talent and skill of Ohene exchanging powerful verses with Professor Griff.

Professor Griff is often pegged by the media and others as an angry Black radical that draws controversy, but in reality he’s a hardworking and uncompromising Black Man and artist that can’t be easily defined with a purpose.

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