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HaStyle recently sat down with International social rights organization “SHOW RACISM THE RED CARD” for an interview.

Below is the interview in it’s entirety taken from

SHOW RACISM THE RED CARD catch up with Hip Hop Artist “HaSTyle”

 HaStyle is a Hip Hop and Visual artist based out Queens, New York (US) that is heavily featured on The Red Card: Music Project Volume 1.  He is featured on the debut single “The Red Card” (with THE REVOLT).  We wanted to catch up with HaStyle to see what was happening in his world during these interesting times.

•What is going on within the world of HaStyle?

Outside of managing through the state of the world (Coronovirus). I’m focused on expressing my life and the world around me through music and illustration.  I’m looking forward to the release of the entire “The RED Card Music Project along with the upcoming video and single “Power”. But again in the meantime, like everyone else, I’m coping with the COVID 19 epidemic.

•How are you coping with the current COVID 19 (Coronavirus) ?

One day at a time, honestly.  I’m keeping my immune system up to par and advising my friends and loved one’s to do the same, which is extremely important due to the fact I’m in New York City, which has been hit extremely hard.  It’s eye-opening to see Military Vehicles driving through the city as well as seeing different areas isolated and quarantined.  The emptiness of Time Square is also eye opening.  

•What impact do you feel it’s having in the United States?  And locally in New York?

It’s having a devastating effect on the US as the elderly population are the most vulnerable in which there’s been a significant amount of lost of life. This is in addition to different business industries that have been impacted and that are suffering, in which people are losing businesses and jobs.  In my opinion, the US Government was late in their response to this pandemic, which is why we’re in the position we’re in.  In NYC (and probably within the rest of the US) certain stores are overpricing hand sanitizers, toilet paper, face masks, rubber gloves, you name it.  We’re in crazy and unfortunate times. I’m the “Big Apple”, and as a city we remain resilient and optimistic through difficult times.   We will get past this crisis.

“The Red Card” (song) received positive responses to the effect that it’s being utilized as a learning tool in the United Kingdom, in school systems.

 I’m grateful for the opportunity to reach the masses with a positive message. Music can heal the world and “The Red Card” song is an example of how music can be used as a powerful tool to educate and uplift.  I take pride in that accomplishment.

What should we expect next you musically?

 While in quarantine we’re (The Revolt) currently working on new music for the upcoming ‘RED CARD’ project, in addition to working on my solo project.  Expect a very hot video coming your way soon.

Based on current events what message would you like to share to the world?

 These events we’re experiencing, I believe, this is God’s way of testing our endurance as a human race. If we can work together as a people, regardless of color, race or creed, we can overcome anything when unified. 

‘The people united will never be defeated’.  – HaStyle  (from the song  “The Red Card”)

“The RED CARD” by The Revolt (Featuring HaStyle) is available for purchase on Itunes and spotify. 

Check out the video here:

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