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Return to E4R7H” is the new independent and self-released project from Hip Hop Artist HaStyle. The project is now available at all Digital Retailers (iTunes, Spotify and Google play).

“Return to E4R7H” features 4 songs – “Return to E4R7H”, “The Shadows”, “Ones” and “The Gospel” which features production from Supreme Da Almighty, James Data and Omaz (“Ownmasta”).

HaStyle approaches this project as a Hip Hop Hero on a Sci-Fi Mission to deliver Hip Hop back to an Apocalyptic “E4R7H” that’s been ravaged and dominated by subpar rap artist and music that lack content, substance and creativity.

This project shows the evolution of HaStyle as an artist, from his beginnings as “HaStyle The Barber”, to his collaborations and performances with the Dissfunkshunal Familee, in addition to his works with UK Hip Hop Producer “Configa”. “Return to E4R7H” is more lyrical and less political, which differs from his current collaboration with “The REVOLT” (courtesy of Supernatural INC).

HaStyle comes from a strong morally sound 2 parent household out of Queens, NY with 2 younger brothers. HaStyle’s father (now deceased) is a major influence which molded him into the man and artist he is today. HaStyle also has the support of Yolande Hunter-Johnson, that serves as the “Michelle Obama” to his “Barack”. However, she’s not only is his wife but is also behind the innovation of HaStyle’s imagery and enhanced branding. Definitely check out for the latest merchandise from music, t-shirts to masks.

Yolande is a creative force within her own right being a noted graphic designer, creative director and overall Innovator. She previously directed “HaStyle’s video “ICY HOT” in addition to recently directing his new video “The Shadows” which is the featured single from the project.

Check out the video for “The Shadows”:

Check out the project and join HaStyle on his journey as he makes his “Return To E4R7H”.

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