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Goodie Mob and Public Enemy were two of the most influential groups of the 90s, with their poignant social observations taking on a new relevance today. They’re also both no strangers to rock music. Public Enemy famously linked up with heavy metal band Anthrax for the rock remix of “Bring the Noise” and Goodie Mob have been dabbling in full-fledged rock since.Still Standing.

Their new collaboration sees the super group of rappers attacking (literally) the guitar heavy production with equally aggressive flows. It’s definitely a throwback sound.

Public Enemy recently announced a return to their bombastic brand of hip hop with a new album (What you Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down?) on Def Jam but we can only speculate whether or not Goodie Mob is also planning a comeback as a unit with a new album. It’s been seven years since their latest release as a group with 2013’s Age Against the Machine

Quotable Lyrics

Standing in the middle of harm’s way Where all of the guns play No father home affects the feng shui The pastor prays for Harambe Before every urbanite is underneath the ash like Pompeii Look what they’ve done to us far beyond music Jesus could’ve been John Lewis but I can’t prove it

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